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This dish is a protein based.
Rasam may be used as a different starter. It is helping in fast digestion.
pepper, cumin seeds used in this rasam is of medicinal value to cure cold to some extent.RADDISH SAMBARINGREDIENTSToor dal one cup full
turmeric one teaspoon
castor oil one spoon
tamarind small ball size to be soaked in water for half an hour
sambar powder one tablespoon
asafoetida one pinch
onion chopped
curry leaves
raddish two
tomato piecesPROCEDURECook toor dal with enough water adding turmeric and castor oil in a pressure cooker.Make a thick extract of tamarind.Heat oil in a cooking vessel and add mustard seeds to pop.Add onion , curry leaves, and radfish rounds, tomato pieces.Saute well.Add asafoetida, sambar powder.Saute again.Add tamarind extract .Add salt required and allow to become thick.Add toor dal cooked and three cups of water mixed with.cook for 15 minutes in medium flame.Sambar is ready.Serve with hot rice and ghee. This is an amazing lunch..u enjoy it.Note:Divide …


Wheat is a good source of dietary fibers.
Contains very low saturated fats,  cholesterol and sodium.
It is highly recommended for weight loss.
Manganese and Selenium to a certain extent.WHEAT RAVA UPMAINGREDIENTSwheat rava 1 cup
savourite vermicelli 1 cup
onion chopped 1 cup
green chillies three medium size
ginger grated 1 tablespoon
cooking oil 1 tablespoon
mustard seeds one spoon
any dal one spoonPROCEDUREHeat oil in a Pan
Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter
Add dal, onions, green chillies, curry leaves together.
Saute well.
Add 4 cups of water and required salt.
Allow to boil
Add rava and roasted vermicelli.
Mix well and close with lid.
Let it cooked in a low flame for 2 minutes.Upma is ready.
Serve with ghee, cane sugar (optional)
curd, chutny, sambar. Try it....!