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Ridge gourd is extremely rich in dietary fiber.
And enriched with all the vital elements that include Vit-C, Zinc, Iron, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Thiamin and traces of another minerals.
It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories that aids in weight loss.
Ridge gourd contains good content of cellulose and high in water content that helps to relieve from constipation and healing piles.
Ridge gourd contains insulin like Peptides and Alkaloids within the vegetable that helps to reduce the sugar levels in both the blood and urine.
It is high in Beta-carotene which is good for enhancing eye sight.
Ridge gourd acts effective in purifying blood.
It boosts up and nourishes the liver health and protects the liver from alcohol intoxication.
Ridge gourd juice is used to heal jaundice and to strengthen your immune system against any infection.
It is good for skin care, as the blood purifying qualities in it ensures you to stay clear from pimples and acne.
Ridge gourd helps to manage acidity as well as ulcers.
It is well known as a cooling agent and aids in handling burning up experience with the urine.
Ridge gourd two medium size
Onion chopped
Green chillies three
Curryleaves one cup
Turmeric powder one teaspoon
cooking oil one tablespoon
cumin seeds one teaspoon
coriander leaves chopped one cup
milk one cup
Heat cooking oil and add mustard seeds .
Allow it to splutter
Add onions,  green chillies, curryleaves
Add turmeric
Add ridgegourd pieces
Saute well with required salt.
Sprinkle little water.
Close with the lid.
Cook for 6 to 7 minutes.
Add cumin seeds and coriander leaves.
Allow to cool.
Smash all the ingredients in mixie jar for a minute.
Let it cool.
Finally add one cup of milk.
Ridge gourd milk curry is ready.
Serve hot with rice.
An yummy greenish Ridge gourd gravy is a mouthwatering dish, you never forget..!


This is also an instant breakfast and quick meal.
White Rava 2 cups
cooking oil one tanblespoon
mustard seeds
urid dal one spoon
chenna gram one teaspoon
onion one cup finely chopped
green chillies three
curryleaves one cup finely chopped
Ginger finely grated one tablespoon
Heat cooking oil in a pan and roast white rava.
Keep separate and let it cool for a while.
Heat cooking oil one. tablespoon in a separate pan.
Add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add dals together and let them fry light brown.
Add onions, green chillies, curryleaves and gingelly grates.
Saute well.
Add four cups of water inti the pan.
Add reauired salt.
Allow it to boil.
Add roasted white rava little by little and mix well in the medium flame.
When the water becomes thick with rava, stop the addition of Rava.
Let it cooked in low flame fir two minutes.
Switch off the flame.
Soft white Upma is ready.
Serve with coconut chutny and Sambar.
An easiest method. Try it Angels!

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