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Banana flower is looking awesome when it blossoms in a banana tree. It hosts many medicinal qualities. It is admired by all the people of Tamil Nadu for its wonderful taste and its nutritional and health benefits.
The flower and its florets treat the infections and inhibit the growth of bad bacterias in the body,
It possesses antioxidant properties and so it handle free radicals and treat smartly on some health issues such as premature aging and cancer.
One cup of banana florets cooked will cure the pain and regulate the menstrual bleeding. so it is useful for ladies, at its best.
Calculated intake of flowers can reduce blood sugar levels and treat diabetes and manage anemia.
Since they are having anti- depressant properties, the regular intake of these flowers as food will boost  the mood of the mind and reduces anxiety without any side effects.
They support to increase the secretion of breast milk of the lactating mothers.

Now let us take on a look on the recipe method of vazhaipoo Porial o…


Ingredients :
Wheat flour one cup
Maida flour one cup
white rava one spoon
Salt required
water 3/4th cup
cooking oil one tablepoon
Step by step procedure:
Mix all the above ingredients with water by adding by little and make a dough. Knead the dough well into a soft dough. Keep aside for half an hour. Meanwhile you can prepare kuruma. Ingredients: mustard seeds one spoon fennel seeds, cloves chinnoman one spoon. bellari onion. one finely chopped green chillies two or three. curryleaves one cup coriander leaves chopped one cup chicken masala powder one tablespoon turmeric one spoon chopped carrots one cup Procedure: Heat the cooking oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, fennel seeds,.cinnoman, cloves three. Allow them to temper. Add onions green chillies, curry leaves,. Saute well. Add turmeric followed by chikken.masala poder. Add carrots. Let the flame in low. Grind the coconut grates and bengal gram, and cumin seeds into a fine paste. Add to the fried ingredients. Add salt as needed. s…