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Chama / Samai is rich in phyto-chemicals and it has excellent antioxidant properties.Its Dietary fiber protects against hyperglycemia.It reduces cholesterol and helps to digestion.Kutki / Samai / Chama contains nearly 2.5 times minerals and nearly 38 times fiber and nearly 13 times Iron than Rice.   contains nearly 6.3 times fiber and nearly 1.8 times Iron than Wheat.   contains lesser amount of carbohydrates than Wheat and rice and has abundant quantities of Thiamin (Vitamin B1) which is not present in Rice and Wheat.

source : google.We are going to learn how to cook samai tomato special something different but very tasty dish.Ingredients :Samai two cups
toor dal half cup
Water as required
tomato three
shallots half cup chopped
ginger one piece finely grated one spoon
garlic grated one spoon
cooking oil one tablespoon
mustard seeds one spoon
curryleaves one cup chopped
red chillies split three
cloves two
mint leaves half cup
salt as required
tuemeric powder one spoon
coriander leave…