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More kuzhambu is a medicinal side dish. Yummy too.  This dish is playing an important part in every feast of Tamil Nadu,  in marriages, lunch in every hotel of Tamil Nadu.

leftover buttermilk three cups
salt as required

for grinding masala:

green gram half cup
dry ginger half teaspoon
coriander seeds one tablespoon
cumin seeds half teaspoon
garlic pulses three
turmeric half teaspoon
red chillies two
coconut grates one spoon.

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Grind the above ingredients into a smooth paste and kept aside.
Cooking oil one tablespoon
mustard seeds
shallots finely chopped
asafoetida one pinch
curry leaves a half cup
red chilly one or two as required


Add the ground masala paste into the buttermilk left over and add salt and mix well. Check the salt and add if wanted.
Heat the cooking oil in a pan and mustard seeds. Allow them to pop.
Add onions red chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida and half spoon of turmeric.
Saute for a while.
Add the thick buttermilk with mixed masala paste.
Allow it to boil.
Add coriander leaves finely chopped. Switch off the flame.
Serve with hot rice. 
It is very simple and instant preparative dish.
Try this and enjoy.


This dish is very yummy side dish, having iron and protein rich contents. It is best for the health of children, pregnant ladies and old people. highly recommended for anaemic patients.

Ingredients :

drumstick leaves two cups stems removed
shallots half cup
toor dal cooked with turmeric
curry leaves half cup
red chillies chopped two or three as required
salt as required
cooking oil one tablespoon
mustard seeds one spoon
cumin seeds half teaspoon
turmeric half pinch.


Heat the cooking oil in a dry pan and add mustard seeds
Allow them to temper
Add onions, red chillies and curry leaves
Add little turmeric
saute for a while till the onions become transparent.
Add drumstick leaves and saute well.
Add cooked toor dal and one cup of water.
Add salt required.
Allow to cook well.
The leaves should be cooked well for an easy digestion.
It is very tasteful when the entire ingredients cooked in a small pressure pan or cooker with two whistles.

Now the murungai keerai paruppu koottu is ready to eat.

It is very tasteful with hot rice and ghee.

Please try this yummy dish and leave comments.


puffed rice half kg
curry leaves half cup
garlic pulses six chopped
cumin seeds one tablespoon
mustard seeds
coconut oil one tablespoon
red chillies pieces four
turmeric one small spoon.
bengal gram fried half cup
ground nut one cup
Add coconut pil in a dry pan and heat.
Add mustard seeds.
Add cumin seeds
Allow to pop up.
Add red chillie pieces, curryleaves and garlic pulse pieces.
Turn the switch knob into low.
Add turmeric.
Add fried bengal gram, groundnuts.
Finally add puffed rice and mix well.
Masaal pori is ready to have as evening snack with tea.
Very yummy to enjoy in monsoon and rainy days.

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