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Ingredients:Peels of Ridgegourd two cups
Shredded coconut cup half cup
Fried bengal gram half cup
Garlic pulses twoshallots eightJaggery small pieceTamarind small ball size
Salt as required
Asafoetida half pinch
Mustard seeds
Curryleaves 1//4 cup
Red chillies three medium size
Cooking oil one tablespoonProcedure with step by step images:Heat the cooking oil in a dry pan
Add red chillies, shallots, curry leaves.
Saute a while.
Add peels of ridge gourd.
Saute for a while
Add coconut grated and fried gram
Saute for a while
Add garlic pulses, jaggery and tamarind
Add salt required
Let the all ingredients be sauted in a medium flame.
Remove from the flame and keep aside to cool.Blend all the ingredients into a coarse paste.Tempering is optional.Heat a tempering pan with little cooking oil .
Add mustard seeds
Allow them to crackle
Add curryleaves and transfer immediatly into ridgegourd peel thuvaiyal.This side dish has an extraordinary taste.
It is the best combination to idlies, dosais, paniyaram, oothappam and …