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Cow pea beans are, as you already know, enriched with high protein contents and very familiar and frequently consumed by kongu people because of its enormous health benefits. A very easy,  instant and yummy Thattai payaru gravy or cow pea gravy is for your ready reference here..

Ingredients :
Clay cow pea one cup
Tomato medium size two
Cumin seeds one teaspoon
Coriander seeds one teaspoon
Cooking oil one tablespoon
Bellary onion one finely chopped
Mustard seeds one spoon
Curry leaves one sprig
Coriander leaves finely chopped optional
Procedure :
Wash the cow pea or thattai payaru three times.
Pressure cook cow pea beans with sufficient water, one spoon turmeric and few drops of castor oil.
Allow to cook with four whistles.
Keep aside to cool.
Transfer the cooked cow pea(Thattai payaru) into a pan and allow to cook still more.
Add tomato pieces.
Let the cow pea cook for some more time.
Mash them well.
Heat the frying pan with cooking oil
Allow mustard seeds to splutter.
Add onions, red chillies split, curr…