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The Agathi flowers are also bitter and astringent, but the white are less so than the red. It’s possible to reduce the bitterness by removing the stamen. The flower’s texture is mildly crunchy and fibrous, but pressure cooking or steaming for ten minutes will soften it. It’s also best to choose the flowers that have not yet bloomed, as these too will be softer and less leathery.
Nutritional Value
According to the USDA nutrient database, 100g of Sesbania flower contains the following values: 91.58g Water
27 kcal
113 kJ
1.28g Protein
.04g Fat
.38g Ash
6.73g Carb
18mg Calcium
.84g Iron
12mg Magnesium
30mg Phosphorous
184mg Potassium
15mg Sodium
.8ug Selenium
73mg Vitamin C
.083mg Thiamin
.081mg Riboflavin
.430 Niacin
102ug Folate
102ug Folate (food)
To prepare the flower rasam, remove the stamen and calyx. This will improve the flavor substantially—otherwise, expect the flower to taste bitter. Wash gently. Some recommend squeezing the flowers to drain its water, while others insist that this clears the flower …