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Beetroot chutny is the most combatible side dish to any south indian breakfast. It gives fantastic touch of taste to oothappams.
Making the verysame side dishes to the main dish is such a boredom. We should try different items to make the breakfast, lunch and dinner special and to make the family members more tempting and eat well.
Today a very different and tasty beetroot chutny is for your view.. how to make? Ingredients: Beets grated one cup
coconut grates one spoon
bellary onion finely chopped one no.
ginger grates one spoon
salt required
tamarind a small piece
green chilly one
cooking oil one spoon Procedure: Heat the dry pan with oil.
Add onions and green chilly
Saute until translucent
Add ginger grates.
followed by shredded coconut, beet grates and tamarind
Add salt
Saute fora minute until the beet grates get half cooked.
Switch off the flame and allow to cool.
Blend all the ingredients with little water
to a fine pink paste.
collect in a serving bowl
Taste with your any main dish.
We enjoyed this chut…