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Indian pennywort is packed with high medicinal qualities and high-class nutritional benefits. In Kongu regions, the people are well aware of this wonderful green. They incorporate this into regular food menu weekly once or twice in different versions. Kongu people are learned sidda experts and they know which herb is used internally which herb is used externally. These herbs are used in cooking and made their family members to consume in the version of  regular food.
It is known by a variety of names in all over India. Goto kola, Khulakhudi, mandukparni, mandookaparni or thankuni in Bengal, Brahmi in North India, Vallarai in  Tamilnadu, Saraswathy aku in Andra.
This green is one of the gifts of our nature to maintain our health.
Indian Pennywort is most often used to treat varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency according to Siddha medicine treatment. It is strongly believed that it has some extraordinary therapeutic properties to improve memory and mental ability. It improves ey…