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Banana pepper chips are a  tasty snack for the high tea time of any season. The recipe is very easy and instant one. Every one of the family will like these banana chips.  It goes very well with any fried rice, hot rice with sambar and rasam. 
4 raw bananas peeled off
pepper coarse powder two teaspoons
salt required
cooking oil to fry
asafoetida half pinch (optional)

Make the thin slices of bananas with the help of chip maker.
Heat the cooking oil in a dry wok.
Let the temperature of the oil be ready to fry.
Drop the slices one by one.
Let the chips become crispy
Strain the oil with the ladle and transfer the crispy chips in a dry bowl.
Sprinkle salt needed and pepper powder and little asafoetida.
Serve with hot tea in this rainy monsoon. Give it a try.