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Today posting is how to prepare mixture , a crunchy spicy snack, all time favorite in India. Kongu people are also fond of this mixture. There are various versions of mixture  prevalent in the cuisine world. It is highly nutritional since it is prepared by using protein-enriched dals and nuts. easy to prepare. You have to be bit patience and conscious. That's all.

Besan flour 250 gm Raw rice flour one table spoon Cooking oil to fry Salt required Chilly Powder one spoon (optional) Pea nuts 50 gms Flattened rice 25 gms Cashews 25 gms (optional) fried grams 25 gms Asafoetida one pinch Curry leaves one cup Mustard seeds half spoon


Divide the besan flour into two and in two separate bowls. 

One is for boondi . The other is for karasev.

In one bowl, add water little by little into besan flour to make dosa batter consistency.

Heat the oil and hold the boondi ladle and pour the besan batter. Now the drops are falling down into the oil and getting fried. All the drops fried into golde…