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Besan flour 250 gm
Ghee one cup
Refined oil 100 ml
Sugar 250gm
Kaesar powder one pinch Nutmeg powder one pinchCardamom coarse powder one spoon
Melon seeds one tablespoon
Add water to the soaking level of sugar and heat. Add kaesar powder one pinch and mix well. Allow to boil until one string consistency Keep aside. Mix the besan flour with water little by little to make dosa batter consistency. Add half spoon ghee. Hold the boondi ladle above the heating ghee and refined oil mixture and pour tge besan batter. Besan drops are felling down into the. oil and get fry. care should be taken to drain the besan drops fried and at the same time not to get golden brown crispy texture. Drain the drops and collect in a mixing bowl. Repeat the process until the batter is completely exhausted. Add the boondis into the sugar syrup and mix well. Mash them into the syrup to disintegrate the shape of the drops. Add coarse powder of cardamom and little ghee. Heat ghee and add melon seeds to fry. Add …


Tomato Rasam is very popular in South India using tomatoes, pepper, cumin seeds and garlic pulses as main ingredients.It is either had with hot rice or drunk as a starter. It has a distinct taste and its fluid consistency make it an ideal food for children, patients and adults. It is also an easily digestive semi solid having anti oxidents and certain vitamins keeping the body healthy. It can be included in the balanced diet.Pregnant women will also find rasam saatham is a very good meal which contains vitamins, proteins and minerals, activating the work of stomach and intestines properly.

Now we move to the preparation of tomato rasam in our kitchen.


Four medium size tomatos
garlic pulses five
mustard seeds one teaspoon
asafoetida one pinch
cumin seeds one teaspoon
pepper one teaspoon
cooked dal one tablespoon mashed and mixed with water one cup
curry leaves half cup
red chillies  three split
coriander leaves finely chopped


Wash the tomatoes and place them in required water…