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Red spinach is rich in iron contents. The leaves and its stem are completely used to make this porial or curry. The greens should be consumed thrice or twice in a week. Red thandu keerai belongs to the family Amaranthaceae. The leaves are looking attractive with bright red colour and green colour combine together  throughout the plant. When cooking, the colour retains and tastes yummy. It is the most nutritious dish. 

Sengeerai porial:


sengeerai leaves and stems  cleaned with water several times and chopped two cups.
mustard seeds one spoon
urad dal one tablespoon
cooking oil one tablespoon
grated coconut one cup
fined chopped onions one cup
red chillies slit  five or six
curry leaves one cup finely chopped
salt to taste
half pinch turmeric.


Wash the sengeerai or red spinach several times and clean the leaves and stem carefully. 
Chop the leaves and stems. Don't waste stems. It also contain nutrients.
Heat the Oil in a pan.
Add mustard seeds and allow them to crackle.
Add ur…


Pannaikeerai is known by the name silver cock's comb or plumed cock's comb. Celosia Argentea is the biological name of silver cock's comb or plumed cock's comb. It can be seen in pink and white that are seen growing along the sides of the field and mostly in dry lands in our India. It is cultivated along the both sides of the park for decorative purposes. The two feet height plant grows in tropical region.  It needs more sunlight for essential nutrition in the plant.  Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines uses this plant for curing some common and uncommon diseases. People in South East Asia and Africa uses silver cock's comb for edible purposes.  It is laxative and astringent.  It has large amount of fibres and fat content that helps in reducing body heat, constipation, cures skin diseases and gut problem. Choose the baby leaves for tasty and nutritious dish. Pannai keerai contains all nutrients as in other greens. Usually our mothers collected the tender leaves from our …