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Manathakkali keerai or Night blackshade plant is known in the botanical world as Solanum Nigrum. Today we are going to learn about this green and its nutritional and medicinal benefits before we prepare manathakkali porial. It is called Black nightshade in English, in Tamil and Malayalam it is Manathakkali , in Kannada it is kakki soppu , in telugu it is Kamanchi chettu and in hindi it is Makoi.
Manathakkali is a wonderful plant and packed with many nutritional and health benefits but it is regrettable that  nowadays people do not recognize this plant which grows in abundance and does not require much of water and soil fertility. These berries have been seen to work wonders with people who are suffering from ulcers either in the stomach or in the mouth and the pain is reduced immensely and slowly the ulcer gets healed.It is difficult to acquire these leaves, raw  and  ripe berries at all times of the year. During the November and December and January of every year . they will grow abund…