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Due to rich fiber content, Ragi or finger millet is believed to be a good laxative and prevents constipation. People  who suffer from liver disease, high blood pressure, heart weakness and asthma should consume roasted green millet. This millet is also advised to lactating mother, if she is unable to produce sufficient milk to her infant. It is the greatest boon to diabetic patients and obese people, as the digestion will take place in a slow pace so that the glucose is released into the blood slowly. The Finger millet contains a unique amino acid called Tryptophan which reduces appetite and thus helps to control your diet.
So if you plan to shed few kilos of your weight, the consumption of finger millet is a great support. As it contains rich calcium; it is highly recommended for kids for their bone growth and teeth and development. It is packed with rich iron content; it is advised to take ragi/finger millet in your regular diet to beat anaemia.
I(t helps to raise the hemoglobin level.…