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Finger millet is known by the Tamil name 'Ragi' and Kaezhvaragu. All of you know, finger millet or ragi is a natural resource of. calcium. It is an amazing substitute of milk. We cooked Ragi flour in various versions such as ragi dosai, ragi idli, ragi pakoda, ragi roti, ragi vadai and ragi koozh. It is considered one of the  ost nutritious cereals. 
Due too rich fiber content, finger millet is considered to be a good laxative and prevents constipation. People who suffer from liver diseases, high blood pressure, heart weakness and asthma should consume roasted green finger millet. The millet is also highly recommended to a lactating mother if she is unable to produce sufficient milk to feed her infant. Finger millet is considered to be a boon for diabetes patients and obese people as the digestion of finger millet takes place in slow pace and hence glucose is released slowly into the blood. Also millet contains an aminoacid called as Typtophan. This compound reduces the appetite…