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Raagi murukku bits are crunchy, delicious and nutritional snack. The method is so easy and instant. It is a kongu traditional way to incorporate the Finger millet into our regular diet in any form. Finger millet is loaded with calcium and iron, as you already know. 
Let us move to prepare Raagi murukku/Fingermillet murukku bits:
Finger millet flour 200 gm/two cups Fried gram 100 gm Ajwain seeds one spoon Asafoetida very little Red chilly powder one spoon Salt required water to knead required Sesame seeds( optional)
Blend the fried gram, ajwain seeds, asafoetida, red chilly powder together. Let the mixture be very fine powder. Mix the finger millet flour and the blended fried gram powder mix and salt well. Then add water little by little to knead into a soft dough. Fill a portion of the dough into murukku mould. Heat the cooking oil to frying temperature and squeeze the murukku directly into oil. Allow to fry until the oil bubbles cease to minimum. Transfer the bits into a paper to…