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Thattuvadai is a nice snack loved by all. It is a perfect match with hot tea in the evenings. The base ingredients are the same as the ingredients of murukku. The only extra ingredient is soaked chana dal. Easy to prepare. so simple. can be stored for more than 10 days. so crispy and addictively tasteful.

Raw rice flour 250 gms Fried gram powder 100 gm Asafoetida half pinch Red chilly powder one teaspoon Urad dal (roasted) powder one spoon Ajwain seeds (to flavour and comfort feel) Salt required  Soaked chana dal one tablespoon( to be soaked for half an hour) Softened butter one spoon
Oil to fry
Mix Raw rice flour, fried gram powder, urad dal powder, salt, asafoetida and red chilly powder together. Add softened butter and mix well. Add water little by little to knead into a soft consistency. Incorporate ajwain seeds and soaked chana dal.
Make a gooseberry size balls by greasing your palm.
Press the ball in between the dry white cloth into a thin disc with your fingers.
Repeat thi…