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Did you try paeni rava/Ciroti rava kesari ever?It is more tasteful than any other kesari. The cooking method is very simple and easy..quick too. We can prepare it in few minutes for guests.Let us know how to make this yummy dessert..Ingredients:
Ceroti rava one cup
Sugar half cup
Ghee half cup
Cardamom two pods
Cashews three
dry grapes one spoonProcedure:Bring two cups of water to boil.
Add ceroti rava little by little.
Stir well in a low flame.
Allow to cook..
Add sugar and stir until melts
Heat a tempering pan with one spoon of ghee.
Add cashews and dry grapes to fry..
Transfer the fried cashews and dry grapes into the. cooked rava.
Add the remaining ghee and stir well.
All tge ingredients combine together and form a non sticky and soft glossy consistency. Switch off the flame.
Transfer the kesari into a serving bowl.So simple ..
Yummiest and glossy Paeni Rava Kesari is in your spoon..