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Nutritional contents of raw bananas:
The green banana is the best source of fiber, vitamins and minerals and contains starch content that may help control blood sugar. It manages weight and lowers blood cholesterol levels. 
The resistant starch containing in raw bananas is a kind of starch that cannot be broken by enzymes in our digestive system. So it acts as a dietary fiber. It may reduce the risk of diabetes by aiding in blood sugar control and heart disease by helping in lowering the blood cholesterol levels, according to the article 2010 published in " Pacific Health Dialog."
One cup of raw banana cooked contains 3.6 gm of fiber meeting 14 percent daily value. This fiber content slows digestion helping us feel full longer thereby aiding in weight control. High Potassium in raw banana helps in the control of blood pressure. 
Green bananas are also having vitamin B6 with one cup boiled serving containing 39 % of our daily value. Vitamin B6 is helping for the formation of hemo…