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This post is about the traditional sweet delicacy of Kongu family , THENGAI OPPUTTU.

Kongu People serve this traditional dessert in each and every special occasions such as marriage feasts, all festivals of Tamil Nadu i.e Pongal, Diwali, Karthigai Deepam, get together of family members. 
Coconut is an inevitable ingredient of every meal of the kongu family. They add the coconut grates in veg. porials, coconut milk in various versions of kuzhambu, gravy and veg curries and nonveg curries. they made thuvaiyal, chutney and  so many sweets using coconut. 
This is one of the sweet versions using coconut. When the coconut combines with jaggery and ghee, it will become rich and heavenly sweet. 
We move to the preparation of the sweet:

Coconut grates one bowl Ghee one tablespoon Jaggery crushed 3/4th of the bowl All purpose flour or Maida one cup Food color half pinch Cardamom crushed three banana leaf cut
Roast shredded coconut in half spoon of ghee for a minute. Keep aside to cool.