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Modakkathan keerai is one of the most beneficial greens in our region. Especially the villagers are very familiar about the healthy and nutritional benefits of greens in their garden and farms.
It is a climber with balloon-like fruits and its leaves is famous for its use in treating with joint pain. It also treats with cold and cough. It is the best remedial green for menstruous cramps, dandruff, joint pains, ear pain, general tiredness, sluggishness, eczema and nourishment of hair. It improves body immunity power.
Its botanical name is Cardiospermum halicacabum and belongs to soapberry family. In sanskrit, it is known as Indravalli. In Hindi,  it is known as Kanphata.

It is a fast growing creeper normally found in fences of the garden. It is good to grow in our home yard or terrace garden or in pots. We can get the fresh green to use. Adding this green in our regular diet at least twice a month will definitely maintain our good health. I prefer modakkathan keerai soup or rasam always. Ho…