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Today, we are going to make a trendy sweet called as Carrot Halwa. This sweet is made up with very few ingredients. Since the carrots are naturally sweet, the less quantity of sugar is needed. Ghee is added  less. No food color. Addition of milk is optional. Preparation time is only ten minutes. So check this method out ..
How to make Carrot Halwa?
Fresh carrots medium size 8 nos  Sugar half cup Ghee half cup Cashews four Raisins one spoon Cardamom five pods
Wash the carrots and cut the two ends. Peel off the carrots Grate them and collect them in a bowl. Blend them in a mixer to get a coarse texture. Take half a cup of sugar and half a cup of ghee ready. Fry the cashews and raisins on a spoon of ghee and keep ready. Heat the pan with one tablespoon of ghee. Add the Blended carrot immediately and saute well. Saute the grates until the water in carrots are fully absorbed. Add Sugar and saute again. Let the flame in medium level. Observe the sugar melts and mix well with carrot grate…