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Carrot Mysore pak is a slight variation of Mysore Pak. Only one additional ingredient is the carrot. Carrot has a unique orange colour that itself give the natural colour to this Mysore Pak. So the food colour powder is not needed. Carrot enhances the taste of  Mysore Pak.
Refer the video for detailed steps:

Let us move to view the preparation of Carrot Mysore Pak:
Carrots medium size three nos Sugar one and half a bowl Besan flour one bowl Fresh homemade ghee one bowl
Shred the carrots and blend them into a coarse paste. Fry the besan flour with one tablespoon of ghee for a while.( to avoid lumps and raw smell) Boil the sugar with half a glass of water in a wok until the one string consistency reached Add Carrot paste and besan flour little by little. Add one spoon of ghee in the boiling mixture Stir continuously to avoid lumps.Let the flame be low level.
Raise the flame to medium. Stir continuously otherwise the boiling mixture will burn at the bottom. Add another one tablesp…