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Kathirikkai Saatham is today's recipe. 
This is one of the one-pot meals having full of nutrients loved by all of the family members. The boiled rice cooked with  an unique blend of spices..! So simple.. easy way..whole meal.. An instant a kongu traditional touch.. Dig it..!
We pass on to make the kathirikkai saatham/Brinjal rice now..
Succulent brinjals medium size seven or eight Boiled rice 200 gms Chopped shallots one cup Split red chillies  two nos (optional) Curry leaves one sprig Tamarind goose berry size Sambar powder one spoon (I use Sakthi Sambar Powder here) Coriander powder one spoon Cumin and pepper powder half spoon each Mustard seeds one spoon Any cooking oil one tablespoon Fenugreek powder half pinch Asafoetida (Hing) one pinch Cilantro leaves chopped half cup
Wash the brinjals three times and cut them longitudinally and keep them in water to avoid turning black Soak tamarind in water for half an hour and take two cups of  tamarind extract Heat the pressu…