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Puli Aval is a very simple meal. It is an offering to Hindu deities as naivethyam and served to the devotees as prasadham. In our homes, this puli aval is a comfort breakfast for us often. 

Beaten rice 250 gms Chana dal one tablespoon Mustard seeds one spoon Cooking oil two teaspoons Gooseberry size tamarind  Red chillies three or four (optional) Salt to taste Hing one pinch Turmeric half spoon Cilantro leaves chopped

Soak tamarind in a cup of water for 15 minutes. and take the extract . Bring to boil four cups of water with salt and three drops of sesame oil. Add the cleaned beaten rice into the boiled water and allow to soak for 6 minutes. Drain the water with the help of siever and set aside. Heat the wok with cooking oil over the medium flame. Add mustard seeds and wait to crackle. Let the c flame in low level to avoid burning, followed by red chillies, curry leaves and chana dal and turmeric. Saute a while until the chana dals turn golden brown. Add the tamarind extract. Bring to…