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Wheat dosai /Kothumai dosai  is one of the easiest version of dosais. no extra work like grinding, Simply mix the premium quality whole wheat flour with water and salt. We will get either crispy when it is more diluted or soft when it is a thick batter. Both are tasteful. The tomato gravy is the best combination for this dosai.
All done within ten minutes..  very quick recipe
Premium quality kothumai mavu/Wheat flour 300 gms Salt to taste. Cooking oil to drizzle
Mix wheat flour with water and salt into a dosai consistency. Wait for 10 minutes to get fine thin batter without lumps Meanwhile cut the tomatoes into small dices temper them with mustard seeds, a pinch of asafoetida, fenugreek powder, bellary onion bits, curry leaves, red chillies two and coriander leaves(optional) in cooking oil and allow to cook with the addition of salt to taste. Now the dosai batter is ready to make. Heat the dosai tawa and gently rub the onion over the heated tawa. Simmer the flame and pour …