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THANDUKEERAI/Amaranthus greens are packed in calcium, iron and so many minerals. It treats constipation, brain stroke, bleeding and so many diseases.( from the source of google). It is so delicious when it is cooked as stir fry, kootu and with any dal.

How to make Thandukeerai porial/Amaranthus stir fry?
Thandukeerai two bundles Cooking oil one tablespoon Chick peas split one cup Shallots peeled off and chopped one cup Curry leaves one sprig Red chillies split four Mustard seeds one spoon Salt required Shredded coconut one cup
Wash and clean the greens. Cut the greens with stems. Heat the pan with cooking oil. Add mustard seeds to splutter. Add chick peas to turn golden brown. Add red chillies, shallots and curry leaves. Followed by the drained greens and salt. Stir well to absorb the water for five minutes. Mix the coconut grates along with greens. Care should be taken to avoid over cooking. Five minutes enough since it is a fast cooking greens.
Now ready to serve. It pairs excellentl…