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How to make soft chapathi ?
Making super soft chapathi is so easy. It is not a complicated process. It is very interesting work. It requires very simple skills. The chapathies are great and tasteful accompaniments with any kuruma whether nonveg or veg and masals of any veggies.
Let us head to the kitchen and make these soft and flakey chapathies:
Premium quality wheat flour 250 gms Sugar one spoon Salt required Water one and half a cup Cooking oil one spoon
In a bowl, measure three cups of flour. Add Salt, sugar and water. Add one spoon of oil. Just rotate the flour with hand. The flour, water salt sugar oil are combined together to form a dough. Knead gently to get a nonsticky and soft dough. Cover the bowl with a lid. Allow for half an hour to get perfect elasticity. Divide the dough into lemon sized balls . If you go with lemon sized balls, you can get 10 or eleven chapthies. Roll each ball out using the roll pin, it doesn't have to be perfect round. Get it as thin as you ca…