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Almond Halwa is a grand dessert perfectly fit for our beloved family members and dearest friends.It neither calls for  too many ingredients nor is the procedure, much complicated. We, do literally need to stir continuously till the end of the procedure to prevent burning and scorching at the bottom of the wok. It will take off twenty minutes to prepare. Treat your beloved kids with this yummy badam halwa one spoon in the morning daily. they will acquire bone strength incredibly.
How to make this delicious dessert? Let us check out, dearests..!
200 gms of almonds one cup fresh ghee one full cup of sugar Milk two cups cardamom one pinch (optional) cashews tiny bits one cup yellow food color kaesar powder one pinch
Bring to boil three cups of water and soak the almonds for five minutes. Drain the almonds in a colander. to remove the skins of almonds, press each almond between the thumb and forefinger and slide the thumb upwards. This will make the almond removing its skin out.…