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Ingredients:Malgova mangoes two
Sugar 200 gms
Ghee 100 ml
Cardamom crushed four
Crumbled cashews half cupProcedure:Peel off the mangoes.
chop the mango pulp.
Blend them.
Heat the sugar with half cup of water
over a medium flame.
Bring to boil the sugar syrup until the one string consistency reached.
Add the mango blend and stir continuously to combine together with syrup.
Add half cup of ghee and stir constantly.
Observe the entire mango gets thickened and nonsticky.
Add the remaining ghee, roastes cashew crumbles and cardamom.
Stir cintinuously in low flame.
Now mango halwa becomes trasparent with cool yellow color.
Transfer the halwa into a serving bowl.Delicious mango fruit halwa is ready to enjoy..!