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Milk halwa is a traditional dessert made with cow milk using few ingredients. It tastes scrumptiously. Ingredients: Cow milk 2 litres Sugar 250 gms Cardamom eight pods Cow ghee 250 gms Almonds one cup Cashews chopped one tablespoon Procedure: Bring to boil the milk. Stir continuously in a medium flame. Adjust the flame then and there. Care should be taken to boil in a medium flame stirring continuously. This process to be continued until the milk gets thickened into 1/4 of the wok. Bring to boil the almonds and let them sit in the boiled water for three minutes. Blanch them. Blend the blanched almonds with half  cup of milk into a fine paste. Add the almond paste into  the thickened milk and stir to get uniform blend with milk. Add sugar in this stage and stir constantly in a medium flame. Add cow ghee and stir..stir..stir again. Add roasted cashew bits, cardamom seed powder. Stir the mixture in a low flame continuously until the mixture gets halwa consistancy. Grease the broad tiffin box with a spoon of …