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Wheat paniyaram is an easy and quick breakfast, made with simple ingredients. You need wheat flour, salt, adequate water and a pinch of cooking soda.You will get super soft and crispy paniyarams. Any side dish is paired with this dumplings.How to make ?Ingredients:Wheat flour 250 gms
Adequate water
Salt needed
Cooking soda, a pinch
Sesame oil or groundnut oil.Procedure with images:Mix wheat flour, salt, cooking soda one pinch and an adequate water.
Check whether it gets dosa batter consistency.
Adjust with water if needed.
Check the taste of salt.
Heat the paniyaram maker over a medium flame.
Pour half spoon of oil in every mould.
When the pan becomes hot, pour the wheat batter into every mould.
Close with the lid.
After few minutes, take off the lid.
Flip every dumpling to the other side using a long needle.
Allow to cook for two minutes.
Remove the paniyarams from the maker using the needle and collect in hotpot.Soft, crispy and golden brown paniyarams are ready to serve hot with onion chutny. Yo…


Vegetable briyani is a one pot meal that is a quick fix cooking. This dish is a perfect blend of vegetables and aromatic spices. Let us learn how to make this delicious and a nice aromatic vegetable biriyani in a pressure cooker.
Rajabhogam boiled ponni rice 350 mg
Cardamom two (optional)
Star anise one
Bayleaves three
Cloves seven
Cinnomon four
Garlic five pods
Ginger two pieces grated
Green chillies two
Curry leaves one sprig
Turmeric one spoon
Chilly powder half spoon
Tomato one
Cauliflower florets ten or more
Carrot longitidunally chopped one
French beans 100 gms chopped
Fresh green peas 50 gm
Mint leaves one cup
Briyani masal powder home made one spoon
Sesame oil two tablespoons
Salt required
Lemon juice two spoons

Wash the rice several times and soak for half an hour.
Chop all the vegetables.
Blend the garlic and ginger into a coarse paste.
Heat the cooker with oil.
Add all the spices together i.e., cardamom, star anise, cloves, cinnomon, bay leaves, curry lea…