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Ingredients:Banana stem
Shallots half cup
Green chillies two
Curry leaves more than eight leaves
Ginger grates one spoon
Cumin seeds coarse powder
Asafoetida one pinch
Curd two cups
Salt to taste
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds one spoon
Cilantro leaves chopped half cupProcedure:Cut the stem and peel off.
Cut into discs and soaked in water mixed with half spoon of buttermilk.
Heat the pan with oil.
Add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add shallots, green chillies, ginger grates and curry leaves.
Saute for few minutes until the shallots turn translucent.
Add drained stem pieces.
Saute on a medium flame.
Sprinkle salt needed.
Saute for a couple of minutes.
Add coriander/ cilantro leaves.
Allow to cool down.
Add Asafoetida and litle salt in the curd and mix softly.
Transfer the cooked stem contents into the curd.
Sprinkle coarse powder of roasted cumin powder.
Note: Divide the salt for both stem porial and curd and add into them limited level.Yummy probiotic curd pachadi with banana stem cuts is ready to serve…