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This is an authentic and traditional dessert known by everyone in Tamilnadu. This wonderful sweet is made up with urad dal and palm jaggery. You can enjoy this delicious kali or halwa cool or hot or warm. It tastes excellent.How to make?Ingredients:Palm jaggery 1 and
3/4 cups
Split urad dal one cup
Sesame oil half cup
Cow ghee half cup
Cashews one tablespoon
Cardamom seven pods (seeds crushed)
Milk one cupProcedure:Dry roast urad dal and set aside to cool.
Grind into coarse powder.
Heat the wok with two cups of water with one spoon of oil/ghee
Bring water to boil.
Mix the urad dal coarse powder with boiling water rapidly.
Don't bother about the crumps.
It will settle soon.
Allow to cook for a minute.
Add palm jaggery and mix well.
Observe the melting of palm jaggery and incorporate with cooking urad dal.
Mix well using a spatula.
Add ghee fried cashews.
Pour sesame oil and ghee.
When the urad dal kali or halwa ooze out oil/ghee on all sides, you switch off the flame.
Sprinkle cardamom seed powder an…

SUNDAL GRAVY/Garbanzo gravy

Sundal gravy is a fantastic side dish for hot steamed rice, chapathies and roties. It is a perfect blend of spices with garbanzos which come out with a delicious gravy for any main dish. as far as health concerned, it is of high protein value. 
Here is the recipe you want..!
Sundal/Garbanzo 200 gm grated coconut one cup cinnamon five sticks cloves five to six Fennel seeds one spoon mustard seeds one spoon fried grams one tablespoon salt to taste Ginger and garlic paste one tablespoon green chillies two tomato chopped shallots chopped half cup Curry leaves seven to eight Cilantro leaves chopped half cup Coriander powder two spoon Turmeric one spoon Red chilly powder one spoon Curry masal powder one tablespoon Sesame oil two tablespoons

Soak the sundal/garbanzos for overnight or more than 12 hours. Blend ginger garlic pods into a paste. keep aside. Blend coconut, fried gram into a fine paste. Heat the pressure pan or small pressure cooker with sesame oil over a medium flame. Add mustard see…