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Manjal karisalanganni is a amazing herb for the best treatment for jaundice, eye defects and skin problesms.Kongu folks use each and every medicinal herb periodically in cooking and insert in the regular diet smartly
to obtain its benefits directly and prevent the diseases at the earliest.
In deed, they build the stamina and strong health in the beloved members of the family.Manjal karisalanganni is termed as Wedelia chinnensis scientifically. It is called as Bringaraj in sanskrit.When the leaves of manjal karisalanganni made as chutny, the medicinal ingredient is more effective in the body directly, I feel.Let us move to our kitchen to make fresh manjal karisalanganni chutny.Ingredients:Manjal karisalanganni leaves two cups
Coconut grates half cup
Garlic pod one.
Fried gram one tablespoon
Tamarind one marble size
Salt to taste
Jaggery piece
Asafoetida a generous pinch
Red chillies three or two ( your option)
Shallots four
Sesame oil one tablespoonProcedure:Heat the wok with sesame oilocer a med…