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Eggs have been a staple part of our diet across the world from ancient times onwards as the ancestors discovered that the eggs as a safest and nutritious form of food. Eggs themselves prove that they are unique and loved by all because they are the powerhouse of high profile nutrients in their tiny oval shaped package. There are two parts namely the albumen and the yolk. The yolk is suspended in the liquid of albumen and contains 80 % of the nutrients and almost all the fats. The albumen contains water compounds and protein. It contains significantly the vitamins A, B complex, vitamin D, E. phosphorous, zinc and calcium. The key organic compounds in the egg, highlighted are the omega 3 compounds, high profiled protein and antioxidants.
Most of the scientific studies have shown that the eggs support in preventing stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases as they contain good cholesterol (HDL CHOLESTEROL) which improve heart health.
It prevents cataract to a certain extent.


PALAK KEERAI OR SPINACH is packed with rich vitamin A that reduces the risk of eye related problems. It  also regulates the blood pressure since it contains potassium and sodium. The amount of folate contains in palak or spinach or pasalai regulates  hypertension, relax the blood vessels and induce the prompt blood flow.
The spinach proteins are controlling the cholesterol levels and fat deposits thereby render a great support in preventing stroke and heart attacks. The magnesium contained in the spinach is reducing and controlling the blood sugar levels and it is a  good source for diabetic people.
The minerals such as manganese, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous in spinach help in strengthening  the bones and prevent the risk of osteoporosis and strengthen the bones. It contains vitamin K also.
It is good for pregnant women since it contains folate to a considerable extent. It builds red blood cells and good for growing fetus by developing a  new nervous system.
It fights against free rad…


This is a simple and quick fix side dish. Its flavour and taste are too rich to have with hot rice.

Thick buttermilk two cups (left over) Shallots one cup Red chillies three Curry leaves one sprig Mustard seeds one spoon Sesame oil one tablespoon Asafoetida one pinch Cumin seeds one spoon Cilantro leaves finely chopped half cup Sambar powder one spoon Turmeric one spoon. Salt to taste

Add salt to the buttermilk and mix. Keep aside. Heat the oil in a tempering pan over a medium flame. Add mustard seeds to crackle. Add shallots, red chillies and curry leaves. Saute for few minutes till the shallots become translucent. Now simmer the flame. Add asafoetida, cumin seeds, turmeric and sambar powder. Add cilantro leaves. Transfer the sauteed ingredients to the buttermilk and blend well using spatula.
Yummy and instant buttermilk kuzhabu with hot steamed rice are the best accompaniments to each other.. Any side dish such as pickle, greens stir fry, veg.porial  combine well with this instant more…