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Apple kaesari is a simple and easy delicacy that every newbeginner can make this apple fruit rava kaesari. this is a wonderful twist to the Rava kaesari. The procedure is the very same and the only addition is the fresh, shredded apple fruit.
We can substitute any fruit instead of apple and make different fruit kaesari desserts. You will enjoy the exact fruit flavor and taste blended with Rava kaesari.
Let us move to make the apple kaesari..
Apple one Peeled off and shredded one cup Rava/semolina one cup Cow Ghee five tablespoons Almond flakes one tablespoon Cardamom three pods crushed  Sugar one cup
Peel, core and shred the apple. Roast rava in one tablespoon of ghee into the creamy yellow texture for a couple of minutes in a low flame. Care should be taken while roasting rava without burning. In another wok, add three cups of water with one spoon of ghee. (for avoiding lumps when rava added.) Add yellow food colour just one pinch. Allow to boil. Add rava little by little, whi…


Karisalanganni curry masal kuzhambu is a perfect accompaniment to rice, idlies, dosais, panyarams, roti, chappathies, poories, idiyappam, etc. It is so delicious and highly nutritious. We already learnt about the medicinal and nutritious properties of Karisalanganni greens in previous posting of Karisalanganni paruppu kootu, We use the sauteed karisalangannai leaves in this curry also.
how to make this tasteful curry?
Ingredients: Karisalanganni leaves two cups coconut grated half cup shallots half cup red chilly powder one spoon garlic pod one coriander powder one tablespoon pepper powder one spoon cumin seeds powder one spoon fried gram one tablespoon Curry leaves 10 Cilantro leaves finely chopped half cup Salt to taste Tomato one finely chopped Sesame oil two tablespoon Asafoetida one pinch Fenugreek powder one generous pinch Turmeric powder one spoon Mustard seeds sone spoon
Roast the karisalanganni leaves, curry leaves four, for a few minutes with one spoon of oil. Add shallots and saute for…