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Millets are not grains but they are seeds. They have been used since ancient times across the countries. They grow well in dry zones as rain-fed crops. They are also unique crops harvested in sixty five days from the date of sowing. They withstand any season and they can be kept stored for more than one year.  Little millet is called as Samai in tamil, Kutki in Hindi, Sama in Telugu, Same in Kannada and chama in Malayalam. We came to realize the benefits of millets and start cooking and consuming in our regular diet weekly twice.
Nutrional values:
They are highly nutritious, gluten free and alkaline. Samai or little millet is one of the millets can be cooked like rice. Millets can replace the rice and dal in various dishes like idli, dosai, payasam/kheer, pongal and roties. 
They work wonderfully as a prebiotic to feed the living cells of our inner ecosystem. Since it is alkaline it digests easily.
Samai is packed with magnesium, high calories of calcium, manganese , Phosphorous, B vitamins …