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Cashew pakodas are very tasty and crunchy. Cashews embedded in this pakoda are making the difference of rich taste in this snack. 
How to make?
Cashews 200gms Besan flour 100 gms Raw rice flour 100 gms Hot oil one tablespoon water 100 ml Cooking soda one pinch Finely chopped Bellary onion one cup Finely chopped green chillies four Ginger flakes one tablespoon Cilantro leaves finely chopped one cup Curry leaves finely chopped half cup Mint leaves finely chopped one cup Salt required Fennel seeds one tablespoon Asafoetida half pinch
Mix the salt, cooking soda, besan flour and raw rice flour well in a dry bowl. Add water little by little to make a rough dough. Add hot oil. Incorporate all the ingredients i.e., onion, green chillies,  ginger flakes, fennel seeds, curry leaves, cilantro leaves and mint leaves. Knead them gently. Heat the cooking oil and drop rough portions of pakoda-mix dough with your hand as seen in the image. Allow to deep fry until the pakodas get golden brown and the b…