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Food experts state that the benefits of kaikuthal arisi/hand-pound unpolished rice have enormous nutrients. It is believed to control the blood sugar levels, as it releases sugar slowly into the blood and also has a well-balanced amount of nutrients like fibers, protein and iron. The selenium present in the hand-pound rice also reduces the risk of serious illnesses like cancer of the large intestine, cardiac diseases and arthritis. The  high amount of magnesium keeps the nervous system healthy and helps fighting asthma. It keeps the cholesterol levels under control too. It also has phytonutrients that help to prevent breast cancer.
kaikuthal arisi/hand-pound unpolished rice is light brown in colour. This fantastic rice and urad dal with methi seeds are put together to make the soft fluffy idlies that satiate senses and pamper your taste buds.

Availability : Variety of hand pound polished rice are available in online stores now. Cold pressed oils like sesame oil, groundnut oil and mappil…


Spicy potatoes are the best accompaniments to any meal. Kids and adults will love to have with these spiced potatoes.

Let us try to make these spicy baby potatoes!!
Always choose genuine, fresh and round baby potatoes for this curry.
Baby potatoes 12 nos Bellary onion one chopped one Green chilly one sliced rounds deseeded Ginger gratings one spoon Curry leaves one sprig Mint leaves one handful Coriander leaves optional one handful

for Tempering:
Sesame oil one tablespoon Mustard seeds one spoon Curry masal powder one spoon (readymade) Red chilly powder half spoon(you can add more as per your choice) Turmeric powder one spoon Asafoetida one pinch Fennel seeds one spoon Salt to taste Pepper powder (coarse) one spoon

Wash the potatoes well. Pressure cook these potatoes with three whistles Keep aside to cool down. Peel off the potatoes. Heat the wok with sesame oil over a middle flame. Add mustard seeds to pop up Add Fennel seeds. followed by green chilly, onion, curry leaves and mint leaves.


This posting is about poonnanganni greens that are rich in Iron contents and protein. It is good for lactating mothers, kids and youngsters and adults. It promotes the fair complexion, good healthy eyes and clear vision and supports for the healthy glow of the hair. 
We never miss these greens when we see the greens with the street vendors, market or any vegetable section of departmental stores.
It tastes excellently with lentils. I am sharing the fantastic side dish using these greens with moong dal.
Moong dal 100 gms Ponnanganni greens leaves two cups Ghee one tablespoon Cumin seeds one spoon Shallots peeled off and chopped half cup Curry leaves one sprig Green chillies two split Tomato half Sesame oil one tablespoon Turmeric one spoon
Dry roast the moong dal and cook in a pan with water. Add water more whenever necessary to cook without burning. Please be in the kitchen and take care to cook this dal without burning. Add turmeric and few drops of castor oil. Clean and wash the…