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This is an another variant of santhagai recipes.
Very easy to cook. no onion. made with  few ingredients.
Let's proceed to make this quick fix lemon santhagai.
Do note that I am using boiled rice string hoppers to tweak methods of yummy dishes.
Boiled rice santhagai plain three cups Lemon one Cilantro leaves one cup chopped Curry leaves one sprig Red chillies two Mustard seeds one spoon Urad dal one spoon Asafoetida one pinch Sesame oil one tablespoon plus one spoon
to make santhagai:
Soak boiled rice for three hours and grind with salt required and adequate water. The batter is little bit thinner to the. idli consistency Pour the batter in idli slots and steam them for seven minutes. Squeeze the idlies filled in santhagai press. collect the string hoppers in a dry bowl.
Loosen santhagai by mixing lemon juice and one spoon of sesame oil into short bits. Heat the frying pan with sesame oil. Add mustard seeds to crackle. Add urad dal, red chillies and curry leaves. Add asafoetida. Sim…


Studies reveal the nutritious value of wheat to be extremely important to our healthy living. It lowers blood cholesterol and regulates blood glucose levels in diabetic people. If you wish to get the maximum nutrient value of wheat, it is better to choose whole wheat grains or broken wheat rather than refined flours. If you buy and use the whole wheat or broken wheat, you are assured of all nutrients of the germ, endosperm as well as the bran. The nutrients packed with whole wheat/broken wheat are vitamin B complex, vitamin E, folic acid and minerals like manganese, magnesium and zinc.  
Wheat thereby assures a healthy meal. It is rich in fiber. 
It controls obesity, especially in women.
It improves body metabolism. Prevents gall-stones. It promotes women's gastrointestinal health. Protective against Breast cancer. It prevents childhood Asthma. It treats coronary diseases. It supports cardiovascular system in postmenopausal women.  It is a great source of energy with low glycemic index. Rich…