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This milk dessert is popular in Tamil Nadu. 


Fresh cow milk two lit. Sugar 150 gms Cardamom five pods.

In a pressure cooker (5 lit capacity), bring to boil the fresh cow milk. Simmer the flame to avoid overflow. and burning at the bottom. The milk should be condensed in low flame, for three hours. Keep on stirring in between. After three hours. notice the condensed milk up to 50 % of the cooker. Add sugar . Let it boil for another fifteen minutes in a simmer level of flame. You can carry out other household works in the kitchen but keep an eye on the boiling milk. Another point is that the milk now turns light brown in color. Transfer the boiling milk to the big pan and bring to boil. This avoids burning around the cooker and the burning smell infused into the milk. The condensed milk is now rolling into solidification. Now Crush the cardamom seeds and add to the milk. Give a quick stir and switch off the flame. Allow to cool. Transfer into any packing container.
This is a tradition…