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Carrots two peeled Cashew one cup Ghee half cup Sugar one and a quarter cup Cardamom 8 nos Kaesar powder half pinch Cashews whole four Adequate water to blend the carrot gratings and cashews
Wash the carrots and peel off. Grate the carrots. Soak the cashew for half an hour. Blend the cashews and carrot gratings together with adequate water into a fine paste. Heat the pan with sugar and half a cup of water. Add kaesar powder. Mix and allow to boil till the one string consistency obtained. Add the paste and stir well. Add ghee little by little Stir continuously over a medium flame till the ghee oozed out on the sides. Peel off the cardamom pods and crush the seeds into a coarse powder. Switch off the flame and transfer the halwa to a serving bowl. Garnish with roasted whole cashew nuts.
Serve warm.  Relishable sweet for grand Diwali..!