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Foxtail millet is a versatile crop which can be cultivated in any season of the year with the shortest crop cycle of sixty to ninety days. No other crop can be grown in such a short period, 
According to Dr. Narasimma Rao, the former scientist of the Agricultural University, foxtail millet and jower should be included in the subsidised food scheme to prevent the incidence of diabetics. Its scientific name is Setaria italica.
This millet is a host of nutrients with a nutty flavour.  fiber rich, high protein and low glycemic index of the foxtail millet is nowadays becoming very popular in our region. We are consuming all the millets weekly thrice in any other form. thinai murukku is one of them. 
Crunchy and tasty thinai murukku..
How to make?
Foxtail millet flour two cups leveled Bengal gram flour with chilly powder one spoon, ajwain grain powder one tablespoon and one pinch of asafoetida  one cup leveled Cow butter one tablespoon Sesame seeds one spoon Salt to taste Adequate water Sesa…