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Karunaikizhangu podimas is yummy and goes very well with Curd rice. Sometimes it may be taken as a delicious  and staple meal without a further combination' It is the best supplement of the cereals. It is good for our health since it treats piles, constipation, loss of appetite and it balances the hormones and maintains the estrogen level in women. So it is termed as feminine food because of its cure of the premenstrual syndrome. It controls the irregular movement of bowel system. It controls the blood pressure. It is good for diabetic people. It is support for the treatment of acute rheumatism.  It is the amazing medicine for the treatment of bleeding piles. 
Hence our ancestors recommend this yam to consume weekly twice. 
Let us move to cook the karunaikizhangu podimas. It has the tendency of itching the throat when consumed. Before cooking, we have to treat this tendency of itching by following certain methods. Tamarind extract is added to remove the toxin of itching.