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Puffed rice 400 gms Fried Bengal gram 100 gms Cumin seeds rubbed one spoon
Coconut oil one tablespoon Grated beetroot one cup Bellary onion one finely chopped Coriander leaves finely chopped half cup Green chilly two nos Roasted peanuts optional half cup Mint leaves finely chopped half cup Salt to taste Steamed corn one cup
Blend green chilies, grated beetroot, mint leaves and salt with little water to get a fine thick paste. Take a dry serving bowl with puffed rice, add beet paste, coriander leaves, Bellary onion, cumin seeds, fried Bengal gram, roasted peanuts,  steamed corn and coconut oil.
Blend fastly so as to combine all the ingredients together.
This snack is in high demand in school premises, office premises and now in every home of kongu folks for everybody. 😇😊😋