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Indian Pennywort is a perennial herb known as vallarai in Tamil, Gotu kola in Telugu, Brahmi in Hindi. Its botanical name is Centella Asiatica. It is revitalizing our brain and whole nervous system, increasing attention and concentration and anti-aging .
I have posted vallarai paruppu kootu, vallarai chutney, vallarai curd pachadi. This is also a delicious food you will like. Kids and adult will love to eat more.
How to make?
Vallarai or Indian pennywort or Brahmi leaves two cups Tamarind a small piece. Hybrid tomato, a half Fried gram one spoon Garlic pod two Red chilies four Curry leaves 15 nos Shallots one cup Salt to taste,  Asafoetida a pinch Jaggery a small piece Rice string hoppers steamed one serving bowl Sesame oil one tablespoon and one spoon for sauteeing the brahmi leaves
Wash and saute the Brahmi or Indian pennywort leaves in sesame oil until they shrunk. Add tamarind, garlic pods, fried gram and saute for a while. Set aside to cool down and blend them along with jagg…