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Kalakand is a traditional and delicious dessert prepared with whole fat cow milk. This sweet is with less sugar and soft and grainy texture.
How to make?
10 cups of whole fat cow milk Half cup of sugar Half cup of lemon juice(fresh) lemon fruit two) One tablespoon of sliced almonds One spoon of saffron

First, we have to make paneer
Squeeze two lemons and get the lemon juice without seeds. Set aside.
Boil five cups of milk in a pressure pan over medium flame stirring occasionally.
Utmost care should be taken for not burning at the bottom.
Once the milk concentrates, add the lemon juice gradually and stir the milk gently. 
The milk gets precipitated into curd will start separated from the whey. Turn off thee flame.
Drain the way using a muslin cloth.
Wrap the milk fat in a muslin cloth, rinse under cold water for a while until the sourness of lemon juice is removed.
Knot the muslin cloth containing the sold fat of milk and hang it out for half an hour.
Next step:
Bring to boil the r…